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Jersey Mechanical Contractors’ management team has over 80 years of experience handling all phases of mechanical contracting. Our team, comprised of engineers, project managers and estimators, work together to ensure that every detail of every project is handled with care and precision. We not only have the education to understand the complexities of the industry, but we have the technical skills to quickly and efficiently see a project to completion.

Jersey Mechanical Contractors, Inc.’s projects in the pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare industries have met the highest standards or purity and safety. In addition, we are fully prepared to handle the intricacies of projects requiring limited downtime while maintaining the highest level of safety. Our systems are installed the right way the first time resulting in greater cost efficiency.

Our list of completed projects illustrates the extensive scope of work we have completed successfully as well as the customers that can attest to the professional service JMC provides. We at Jersey Mechanical Contractors, Inc take pride in the respected reputation we have established in our over 25 years in the mechanical contracting business in NJ.

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